Nurturing with Love and Wisdom, Disciplining with Peace and Respect: A mindful guide to parenting

Diane Tillman

About this product

An amazing resource, the qualities of love, peace, respect and wisdom are embedded in this book. Guidelines on encouragement, listening, peace time, Us Time, building positive behavior, developing responsibility and discipline address practical realities such as homework and how to get the children to handle squabbles respectfully and independently. Suggestions and activities are shared to help parents help children, from toddlers to teens, use values to handle their challenges as well as to deal with bullying and prevent drug use and sexual abuse.

This book is unusual not only for the variety of important topics addressed, but for its mindful approach in building healthy emotional and social skills while strengthening loving family relationships. An enjoyable read that parents will return to as a resource again and again, Diane brings guiding principles to life with stories about children, parents and educators.

About the author Diane Tillman

Diane is an expert in educational psychology, values-education, marriage and family therapy and a regular meditator. She helped create a global values-education initiative, authored 15 resource books on values education and circled the globe numerous times to hold seminars on Living Values Education and personal development in more than 30 countries. She has facilitated values education seminars for UNESCO, street children agencies, educators and parent facilitators, at universities and schools and in refugee camps.